Sep 21 – Oct 3


SHFT / Mind, Money + Worth.

Our mind creates reality,
but we were never taught how to do this.
And so, we struggle.
We live in a reality where our mind, money
& self-worth play against us.
We believe that worry & fear are part of life.
They are NOT.

Join Kū, @FuturePeopleX founder, for  a multidimensional experience to get out of mind + into flow.

Get ready for a transformational deep dive that brings together consciousness, spirituality + science, to unlock the secrets of mind, the self & reality to become a co-creator with life.

Our Roadmap:

  • The Expansion: | Mind, Money + The Old System. Understand the inner workings of the thinking mind, the energetics of money & how to navigate the old system.
  • The Field: | Creative Self + Worth Perception. Understand the creative principle and the importance of reframing worth to align/directly impact your reality.
  • The Path: | Flow Thinking  + Life Goals.  Learn the universal law of creation and unlock the power of meditation + action to manifest your life, dreams & goals.

As part of the program, you will have access to a curated set of weekly video lectures, guided meditations and reading materials, specifically designed to support and deepen the work. We will have 2 live meetings over zoom for opening/closing. These will provide a great opportunity to seed the work and ground intentions moving forward. The goal is to equip you with a new set of tools and outlook towards life. We will create a private TG Group, as our main channel for support & connection, which will remain active for 60 days. On it, I will be sharing insights and keep monitoring anything that comes up from the group.

This is not a how-to course. This is a life-view upgrade + shift. I will walk it with you.



Founder @FuturePeopleX

For the past decade, I have delved in a deep study of the mind, consciousness, creativity and the human experience. My pursuit has taken me to the study of modern & ancient teachings, psychedelics, energy systems, meditation, sound, human design, gene keys, etc. A native of Mexico, I have been initiated in Shamanic practices, working with an old family of Mexican curanderos in the mountains of Jalisco & Nayarit. A special honor and responsibility.
Before this part of my life, I was a 20-year successful NYC Ad Woman. An insider to the world of creativity, media and technology. Today, I combine my creativity, skills & wisdom to create ideas, projects + art that inspire me, and to ignite a movement where we can be the creators that we are.



  • 3 master lectures (6 hrs. of coaching).
  • Guided meditations developed to support the work.
  • PDFs + insight work to accompany sessions.
  • Private TG Group (live for 30 days).

Energy Exchange:               $250.00

It can be paid in 2 mo. payments. Email me below.

You can now Venmo via Paypal.
Note: We understand that things happen. Cancellations and full refunds are available within 3 days prior to your starting date. Only transaction fees will be deducted (if any).

Please email me with any questions at