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We are creative energetic beings. Our Mind creates reality. And yet, we were never taught how to do this. There is a universal law of creation, a way to play the game and be the masters of our universe. All we need, is to unlock its principles. This is your invitation. Are you ready?

Warning: This will create irreversible changes to the way we see yourself and life.

Unleashing The Mind.

A #NewArt sound journey through the mind + reality.

Experience the power of the storytelling, audio & the subliminal, to venture into the inner workings of the mind, understand reality creation and how to play the game called life.

THE QUEST Virtual is designed as an immersive guided journey that blends modern & ancient teachings, binaural sounds & somatic learning, to help reprogram deep seeded patterns & blockages and give you, a new perspective on universal law, the power of the imagination and spoken word to create reality. All you have to do is, sit back, find a comfy quiet space, create a mood that inspires you, perhaps a candle and some incense and definitely, headphones on.

You can do THE QUEST on your own time during the space of one week, followed by a 90 min. live deep dive + Q&A at the end. We will create a private TG group, as the main portal of connection for 3 weeks. After that, you will have access to FPX circles + salons.

What it includes:

  • A 3-part guided storytelling audio journey.
  • Curated meditations to support the journey.
  • 90 min live deep dive + Q&A (zoom).
  • Private TG Group (active for 3 weeks).
  • After access to FPX Circles + Salons.

Please email me with any questions ku.futurepeoplex@gmail.com


Quest between 3/15 – 3/23 with LIVE Deep Dive + Q&A on 3/24

Live session will be recorded for those that can’t attend. Time will be selected by votes.